Introduction: SAND REPLACEMENT METHOD: Three sizes Available.
  • 10cm (Small Size)
  • 15cm (Medium Size)
  • 20cm (Large Size)
  1. 10cm (Small Size) :-
    Sand Replacement Method. Consists of Sand Pouring Cylinder, one calibrating container 10 cm dia & a square tray of 30 cm x 30 cm with a central hole of 10 cm diameter. Relevant Standard : IS : 2720(Part-XXVIII)
  2. 15cm (Medium Size) :
    Sand Replacement Method. Consisting of Sand Pouring Cylinder container metal tray hole in the centre.
  3. 20cm (Large Size) :
    Sand Replacement Method. with calibrating container of 250mm internal depth, one metal tray 450 mm square and 50 mm deep with a 200 mm dia hole in the centre.
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