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Horizontal Steam Sterilizer India - Purpose And Benefits

Horizontal steam sterilizers in India are become the most important piece of equipment for the medical, scientific and surgical industries. Horizontal steam sterilizers are basically used in the process of sterilization of liquids, solids, waste and biological hazards in safety laboratories.

Basically, there are four different types of autoclaves that are available in the market and all these are considered according to their need. Media preparators are the first type of autoclaves. This type of autoclave mainly considered to prepare, sterilize microbiological media and for sterile filling of liquids. These autoclaves can be found in seven different sizes from 10 to 120 liters in the market. The purpose of using media preparators is that they fasten the process cycles. The second type of autoclave is a pass-through autoclave; it is considered where safety and contamination are major concerns. This type of autoclave is majorly found and used in biological laboratories and production facilities as in both of these places risk of contamination is high. The pass-through autoclave acts as a sterilization chamber for the transfer of materials from the laboratory to the outside environment.

The vertical autoclave is the third type of autoclaves. These autoclaves are specifically designed and developed for laboratory sterilization applications as they make the process easier to validate, precise, fast, reproducible and safe. These autoclaves are designed in a way so that they are best suited for compact laboratories where space is restricted. The fourth and most common type of autoclave is Horizontal steam sterilizer autoclave. These autoclaves are best suited for the laboratories that processes light loads as they are considered perfect for reducing repetitive injuries and strain to the technicians who handle many loads per day. There are various applications where horizontal steam sterilizers are implemented and those main applications include empty containers, instruments, equipment, stoppers, empty glassware, rubber materials, filters, accessories, textiles, machine parts, plastic materials, and culture media in sealed and unsealed containers like bottles, ampoules, and vials.

There are two types of horizontal steam sterilizers that are available in the market, one is Rectangular horizontal steam sterilizer and another one is cylindrical horizontal steam sterilizer. Few features that should be considered before purchasing a horizontal steam sterilizer includes that they should have an inner tank capacity of minimum 240 liters, there should be immersion type heating element, it must have a vacuum breaker, the sterilizer must have a hydraulic testing of up to 2.5 times working pressure, a door seal must be present there, it must have pressure locking device and the low water cut-off device should also be there in the sterilizer.

There are various horizontal steam sterilizer manufacturers and suppliers in India who deliver quality and reliable products to their customers. The major industry for the Horizontal steam sterilizer is set up in Maharashtra and Gujarat in India. Some of the setups are based in Southern part of India, primarily in Chennai. Some of those top horizontal steam sterilizer manufacturers and suppliers are located in Ahmedabad, Thane, and Mumbai etc. The growth margin for these industries has been great and they have grown up a lot in the past couple of years that has opened the gate for employability to thousands of people.

Horizontal steam sterilizer has various healthcare application too like they are designed in a way so that they can be used in hospital operating rooms, supply departments, central sterile, dental schools, ambulatory surgery centers, along with other clinical settings.