Charpy & Izod - Motorized Notch Broaching machine

Compliance Standard



To prepare correct "V" or "U" notches in Charpy/Izod impact test specimens by means of an accurate multiple-toothed broach.


  • Most simple and accurate
  • Specifically drafted for ferrous & nonferrous material .
  • Skilled operator not required
  • Expensive machines not required
  • Precision regrinding of tools eliminated
  • Less power requirement
  • Very compact in size
  • Precisely cuts the desired notches as per respective standard in just single pass within few seconds.
  • No efforts, all by motorized operation. Just press a push button to start.
  • Equipped with broach guard for safety.
  • Easy removal & assembly of broach
  • Longer broach Life.
  • Ball Screw for uniform cutting action.
  • Hardness rods with LM bushes for smooth motion.
  • Micrometer for fine feed and adjustment
  • Excellent notch finish & Excellent Repeatability.
  • Front door window access for observing the operation

Notches confirm to the following standards

ASTM A370, BS 131: Part 1: 1961 / Part 2&3: 1972, DIN: 50115, IS/1598/1977

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