Gillmore Needle Apparatus

Compliance Standards:

  • ASTM C266, AASHTO T154, ASTM C141, ASTM C91


Used to determine initial and final set times of Portland cement, masonry cement, hydraulic hydrated lime and certain mortars.


The vertical support shaft has a device to maintain the horizontal arms in alignment. The support assembly is adjustable. The two steel needle weights are calibrated to meet specifications. The needle points are manufactured from stainless steel. The initial setting needle is 2.12mm in diameter and weighs 113 grams. The final setting needle is 1.06mm in diameter and weighs 453.6 grams.

Technical Specifications

Initial Setting Needle diameter 2.12 mm
Initial Setting Needle weight 113 grams
Final Setting Needle diameter 1.06 mm
Final Setting Needle weight 453.6 grams

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