Hot Air Drier

Introduction :

The large capacity Ovens and tray driers boasts generous size working chamber and the same time offers extremely uniform temperature distribution. These are quite suitable for industrial use like paint baking varnish baking, plastic granules drying, chemical & powder drying, electrode drying, teflon coating, annealing, core hardening, aging or preheating.


Heavy angle frame structure, covered with M.S sheet welded joints, glasswool insulation 100 mm thick. Tripple walled construction with mild-steel (or optionally stainless steel inner chamber) full size single or double door and runners for trolley at bottom level.(Trolley at extra cost)Air circulation from side or top motor & blower.

Heating & Controls:

Heating is provided by long life tubular air heaters situated in the side cavities. The heaters are easily replaceable, Working temperature within oven is controlled by microprocessor based DUAL DISPLAY PID Digital temperature indicator cum controller. Main Switch, Heater selector switch, Amps meter, Volt meter, starter for motor, Contactor, indicating lamps are provided in control panel.

Size & Temprature:

Tray driers of various standard sizes and as per the customer’s requirements are available. Bigger sizes and higher temperature on request. Working on 220 Volts AC single phase or 440V AC three phase as per the size of the drier.

The following are the standard sizes of drying Ovens available with working temp. from 50 deg C to 200 deg C. Prices are without tray.

Chamber Size(cm) Tray Rating
90 90 60 12 4.5 KW
90 90 90 18 6.0 KW
120 90 90 24 7.0 KW
180 90 60 36 10.0 KW
180 90 90 48 15.0 KW

Optional Accessories (Extra):

  • M.S. Stand Trolley to accommodate 36 Trays.
  • M.S. Stand Trolley to accommodate 48 Trays.
  • Aluminium Tray : 18 SWG 16"× 32"× 1 1/4".
  • Aluminium Tray : 16 SWG 16"× 32"× 1 1/4"
  • Digital Timer for Time Setting

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