Oil Bath

EIE - 407 :

Double walled inside of stainless steel with thick glasswool insulation, temp. range 5° C above ambient to 200° Dual Display Microprocessor Based Digital Temp. Controller with an accuracy of + 1°C. Fitted with stirrer on the side of the bath at the top. Working Size : 300 x 300 x 250 mm.
Inside Stainless Steel OR Inner/Outer Stainless Steel


Double walled construction, outer mild steel or stainless steel & inner chamber made of stainless steel argon welded. Temp. range 50 deg C to 300 deg C, controlled by energy regulator or Digital Temperature controller.

Capacity Rating
2 Ltr. Flask 2.0 k.w
3 Ltr. Flask 2.0 k.w
5 Ltr. Flask 2.0 k.w
10Ltr. Flask 3.0 k.w
20Ltr. Flask 3.0 k.w
Accessories Digital Temp. Controller cum indicator for above.

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