Model No: EIE-PT-101SH50FA

Fully Automatic Model for Bursting Strength Test of Corrugated Box or Corrugated Paper

Complies with following International Standards:

ISO 2758, 2759, 2559, 3303, 3689, BS 3424, 3137, ASTM D3786, D774, D2738, T810, T403

Salient Features:

  • Proven and reliable performance
  • Scientifically calibrated through our in‑house calibration laboratory
  • Sturdy in construction
  • Low power consumption
  • Correctly matched motor gives constant pumping rate, eliminating manual error as per ASTM, BS and ISO Standard requirements.
  • Manual clamping of sample using hand wheel clamp.
  • PLC & Touch Screen HMI Controlled model, Logical Detection of Sample Failure
  • PLC Controller having Facility to Adjust Unit Selection viz. Kg/cm², Bar and PSI
  • Stores data up to last 05 readings & Yields Average Value, Max. Value & Min. Value of the Tests.
  • Quick, Easy, Accurate & User Friendly Operation
  • All replaceable parts are readily available

Salient features of HMI & PLC Controller

  • Eliminates the need for holding down the push button to bulid up the pressure
  • No need to inspect the sample visually
  • It automatically reverses the motor operation and thereby release the pressure on completion of the test cycle
  • Due to automatic pressure release mechanism, the diaphragm life is improved, which otherwise is not possible in manual pressure release mechanism.
  • Customer do not need to inspect and remember the breaking force all the time as it automatically gets registered within the PLC & HMI System
  • Soft touch sensitivity of Touch screen
  • Highly advanced and programmable PLC Controller to eliminate human error

Supplied complete with following accessories

  • A spare rubber diaphragm
  • Standard aluminum foil of known value for cross verification purpose. - 1 No.
  • Fluid Bottle - 250 ml
  • Test report & Calibration certificate

Instrument Body Fabricated from Mild Steel Material
Paint Powder coating in attractive shades
Body size 18.5” x 14.2” x 28” (L x W x H)
Test Fluid Glycerin or EP 140 Gear Oil
Capacity of Test Fluid tank 250 ml
Rate of Fluid Displacement 170 ± 16 ml / Minute (For corrugated board and paper board)
Rate of Fluid Displacement 96 ± 6 ml / Minute (For Paper material)
Opening of upper clamp 31.50 mm (For corrugated board) / 30.50 mm (For paper)
Opening of Lower clamp 31.50 mm (For corrugated board) / 33.10 mm (For paper)
Electric Motor Reputed make stepper motor to yield constant rate of pumping
Pressure transducer Honeywell / Danfoss make
Controller 3.5” Colour touch screen with PLC (Programmble logic controller)
Display LCD Display with back light indication
Maximum capacity 50 Kg/cm2
Pressure Resolution 0.1 Kg/cm2
Unit Selection Yes - Kg/cm2, Bar, PSI
Data Storage Up to last 05 readings (For addition storage, please select PC Software option)
Power Supply 220 Volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply
Overall Dimensions 360 X 460 X 710 (L X W X D) mm
Weight (Approx.) 53.00per unit

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