MUFFLE FURNACE - 12" X 8" X 8"-900°C

Model No: EIE-107DP12

The Outer chamber of CRC sheet duly powder coated. , heating chamber consists of rectangular horizontal totally enclosed Muffle bracket, Heating elements are made of Nichrome/Kanthal wire, wounded externally on the muffle. Temperature controlled by Dual display microprocessor based Digital temperature indicator cum controller with K type sensor. Max. Temperature : 900 °C. & working Temp. : 850 °C , Working on 230 V..

Detailed Specification as follows:

Salient Features

  • Horizontal Design
  • Front loading type
  • Improved model
  • Ceramic fiber wool insulation instead of brick insulation
  • Ceramic fiber wool insulation results in weight and size reduction of furnace
  • The weight and size of the furnace is 1/4th times and 30% lesser respectively as compared to brick furnace.
  • The heat up time is less
  • Heat loss is very low‑resulting in power saving

Vent Port

Built in vent port for removal of noxious gases etc preferably with a provision of connecting the extension pipe with vent lid should be air tight for Volatile Matter analysis.

Calibration port 

Provision of hole with cover will be provided in the furnace door for putting temperature sensor for calibration of equipment

Standard Fittings supplied with the instrument

  • Compensating cable
  • Indicating lamps
  • Indian Standard Power plug & cord
Maximum Temperature 900°C
Working Temperature 850 °C
Temperature Accuracy ± 5 °C
Temperature Resolution 1 °C
Inner working size 12" x 8" x 8" (300 mm D x 200 mm W x 200 mm H)
Outer Size 24" x 24" x 30" (600 mm D x 600 mm W x 750 mm H)
Chamber volume 12 liters
Temperature sensor K- type sensor
Rating 5.0 KW
Temperature Control Dual display microprocessor based Digital temperature indicator cum controller
Construction Exterior body made of Mild Steel Material, which is powder coated in attractive shades
Insulation Ceramic fiber wool insulation
Heating KANTHAL wire in coil form wound on the muffle, embedded in high grade refractory cement
Circuit Wiring As per CE Norms
Operation on 220/230 Volts, Single phase, AC Supply
Overall Dimensions 610 X 860 X 840(L X W X D) mm
Weight (Approx.) 113 Kg

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