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An analytic apparatus that employs a manometer to determine changes in the amount of gas produced or absorbed by a test sample kept at constant temperature in a flask of constant gas volume and is used especially in the study of cellular respiration and metabolism and of some enzymatic reactions (as fermentation)

Polished Stainless Steel tank, with capacity of 7 manometers a side. Digital temperature display with resolution of 0.1 deg. C. Temperature control to within +/-0.5 deg. C. Stainless Steel immersion heater. Stirrer for uniform temperature. Manometers mounted on graduated scale for reading pressure changes. Flask with center well & side flask attached to manometer. Oscillation of manometer approximately 90 rpm. Powder coated exterior, with wheels for easy mobility. Capacity 7 manometers, temperature range of 5 deg. C above ambient to 60 deg. C.

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