Softening Point Apparatus


This apparatus is meant for determination of softening point of bituminous materials according to IP 58 and IS 1205. Softening point is that temp. at which the specimen under test becomes soft enough to allow a steel ball of specific dimension to fall a required distance under test condition.

General Descripation & Specifications

The apparatus consist of Glass beaker of heat resistant glass of internal dia 8.5 cm X 12 cm depth (approx.), Two steel balls each of 9.5mm dia. (Weighing 3.50 + 0.05gm). Two tapered brass moulds, Two ball guides, ring stand. Supplied with a heating unit designed to give temp. rise at 50C per minute as required under standard. The temperature is controlled with an energy regulator. In addition, there is an electrically operated stirrer mounted on a stand with chuck and glass rod or aluminum rod and for stirring the water in the water bath. Operation on 230 Volts. single phase, 50 Cycles, AC.

Optional Accessories

The following accessories are not part of the standard supply and supplied at an extra cost.

  • Thermometer IP 60 C.
  • Thermometer IP 61C.
  • Programmable Digital Temp. indicator cum controller
  • Glycerin
  • Brass plate for specimen preparation
  • Cooling Cabinet

NOTE : In Hand Operated Model Stirrer and Heating Unit is not supplied.

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