Tablet Hardness Tester

Monsanto Type

(Scale from 0 to 20 kg.) Taking quick reading for hardness of tablets. It is made of Gun metal turned parts, heavily chrome plated. The index and division in 1 kg. Reading. Complete in case

Pfizer Type

This instrument is very handy and portable to set the table hardness quickly on DIAL INDICATOR. The hardness of tablet can be tested up to 20 kg X 500 Gms. Complete in a case.

Strong Cobb Type

Work on pneumatic developed by a hand operated lever system for finding hardness of table in kg/cm. Indication on pressure gauge dial with idle pointer, range 0-17.5 kg/cm with each division marked for 0.5 kg/cm and readability 0.25 kg/cm.

Validated Dial Type

It comprises of precisionly engineered dial gauge, Aluminium body and finely machined components. Dial comprises of main pointer and follow pointer. Tablet is to be positioned in between two envils. Lower envil stationary while upper one is moving with the help of screw excerting and unit force linear. Force is recorded on Dial Guage by follow pointer while main pointer goes back to zero. It can be Validated by dead weight up to 5 Kgs, which will ensure you repeatability. It can either be fixed on bench or tablet ling machine. Capacity : 0 - 200 newtrons (N), Accuracy : +/- 5 newtrons(N)

Supplied with

  • Adaptor for validation
  • Allen key
  • Operating instruction manual

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