Tissue Culture Hood

Introduction :

  • Made of perspex sheet smooth and scratch free interior surface.seamless and nicely curved corners with a sash (horizontal swing door ) opening, of 106 cms x 40 cms (frame), fitted with transparent 4 mm plexi glass on the front. Exterior Dimensions : Length 118 cms. Breadth 55 cms.Height at back 65 cms.at front 54 cm. OR
  • Same as above but fubricated from thick aulminium/steel duly white stove enamelled with transparent plexi glass front. OR
  • Same as above (B) but fitted with exhaust fan & fume duct. EXTRA FITTING. ULTRA VIOLET TUBE : Germicidal "Phillips" Holland 300 watts 3 ft. can be provided in the hood. OR
  • Made out of imported Acrylic sheet with sunmica inside fitted with ultra violet tube and flourescent tube, size 48" x 24" x 24"

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