Universal testing machine (Computerized)


For testing metals and other materials under tension, compression bending, transverse and shear loads. Hardness test on metals can also be conducted.

Available Models

200 kn, 400 kn, 600 kn, 1000 kn

Computer Controlled Universal Testing Machine

  • Computerized Electronic Universal Testing Machine
  • Microprocessor based control panel
  • Auto ranging
  • Digital display of Load and Elongation
  • Dedicated PC Software
  • Electronic Extensometer (At extra cost)
  • Export worthy colour combinations,
  • Special sheet jaws, Hard chrome plating, Hose pipes,
  • Reputed make Induction/AC Servo motor

Standard Accessories

1) Tension test,
2) Compression test
3) Transverse test

Technical Specifications of Standard Accessories

Clamping jaws for round specimens size 10-25, 25-45, 45-70 mm (WIDTH 70)
Clamping jaws for flat specimens of size 0-22, 22-44, 45-65 mm (WIDTH 70)
Width 70 mm
Pair of compression plates 160 mm diameter

For Transverse test attachment

Table with adjustable rollers 160 mm
Width of rollers 160 mm
Diameter of rollers 50 mm
Max clearance bet supports 800 mm
Radius of punch tops 16, 22 mm

Optional Accessories At extra cost

1) Shear test attachment for bolt
2) Wire rope test attachment
3) Rebend test attachment
4) Rebend test mandrels

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