Water Still Compact


  • Can be wall mounted or placed on table.
  • Easily openable boiling chamber & condenser for daily cleaning.

Construction / Standard Features

  • Fully stainless steel.
  • Single kettle heater with excessive heat, connector - ejection device.
  • Water still is supplied as ready to use with silicone tubing for distillate output + condenser to boiling chamber, PVC tubing for waste water + raw water, with tap adapter and a hose clip, flow rate meter plus hoffman clip for raw water flow monitoring and mounting screws for water still and flow meter. With special water level control & thermostatic cut off. capacity 4 liter per hour approx. size 25 cm dia X 40 cm height.
  • All water stills require regular maintenance and due operating care. No warranty for heater elements is applicable..

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