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As per IS:1727 and IS:2645. Supplied complete with 6 Nos. Brass permeability cell, pressure chamber, armoured heavy duty rubber rubber hose, standard compacting rammer and a stand to mount the permeability cell. Air compressor of tank capacity 140 ltrs, fitted with pressure gauge and pressure regulator and capable to apply pressure of 7 kg/cm2 is available at extra cost

Introduction:  The test method is for determining the permeability to water of pozzolana mortar prepared and cured under specified conditions, by measuring the percolation of water through standard cylindrical specimens. The test procedure is as per IS: 1727 and for 100mm diameter specimens. The same apparatus is used for determination of permeability to water of cement Mortars with and without addition of integral waterproofing compound

Description:  The instrument consists of 6 Nos. of BRASS permeability cell - which consists of a bottom plate, specimen cell, water cell or collar, top plate and four tension rod with nuts to clamp down mould and collar between bottom plate and top plate. The bottom plate has an outlet for percolating water and is recessed to hold the mould in place with a washer in between. The top plate has an inlet for water, a connector for the application of pressure to the water in the cell.

The pressure chamber provided is a Stainless steel cylinder. This is provided or the top with a water inlet a Schrader valve for application of pressure, a pressure regulator valve fitted with two pressure gauges. The two pressure gauges have a range of 0- 7 kg/cm2, one connected to the pressure chamber and the other to measure the permeability cell pressure. A valve is provided on bottom of pressure chamber for drainage and release of pressure also.

A pressure hose is provided to connect the pressure chamber to the cell assembly. A stand is provided to sit the permeability cell assembly.

Supplied without Air compressor and standard rammer for compaction of the specimen. An air compressor is essential to conduct the test which can develop a pressure of 10.5kg/cm2. both are essential accessory and quoted separately

Dimensions in Inches (L x W x H) 90 X 30 X 60

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