Model No: TM-042A.1500.1

Compliance with following international standards - IS 516, IS 14858. Detailed specification as follows:
Salient Features
  • Aesthetically designed unit
  • The electric pumping unit is fixed with a micro?switch to switch off the motor automatically as the load on the machine approaches the rated capacity.
  • The unit is equipped with a 8" dia pressure gauges with maximum red pointer.
  • Four column high stiffness and high stability fully welded construction of the loadframe.
  • Construction Details
  • The compression testing machine consists of separate pumping unit and loading unit. Detailed descriptions of both the devices are narrated below.
Loading Unit
  • The upper platen has got a self aligning action and is attached to a rigid cross head plate.
  • The lower platen rests on the jack ram and is positioned with the help of a centering pin.
  • Loading is accomplished by upward movement of lower platen.
  • A dust cover is provided on the jack to prevent any dust from going into the cylinder.
  • A spacer with a centering locating pin is provided to test small specimens.
  • The lower and upper platens of the machine are hardened ground and polished.
Pumping Unit
  • The pumping unit is a separate unit connected to the jack by means of a high pressure hose pipe.
  • A junction box is suitably fixed to connect the motor to the mains through a push button starter.
  • Calibrated against N.P.L. Tested Master Gauge or Proving Ring.
  • A max red pointer is provided to facilitate taking readings after failure of the specimen.
  • The pressure gauge is fixed at an Angle for easy readability.
Scope of supply
  1. High strength rigid structure (Loading Frame)
  2. Pumping unit (Oil source cabinet)
  3. Pressure gauge
  4. Pair of compression platens
  5. High pressure hose pipe
Capacity 1500
Platen size in mm 200 DIA
Ram Dia in mm 180
Ram Travel in mm 50
Vertical daylight in mm 300
Horizontal daylight in mm 300
Weight approx in kg 600 kg
Platen hardness More than 550 Vickers hardness
Electric Motor 1 HP, Single Phase
Operation on 220V AC Single Phase.
Least count 0.5% of the full load
Pumping Motorized
Pump Speed Dual speed
Motor Induction Motor
Reading Analog
Accuracy ± 2%
Release valve operation Required
Auto stop after failure of specimen Not available, need to stop the machine manually
Auto Release of Pressure after specimen failure Not Available, Need to release pressure manually after the completion of test
Calculation of result Manual
Holding of Max.Load Available
Pace Rate or Rate of Loading indication Not Available
Operator skill to control Pace Rate Not Applicable
Bar Graph Not Available
Multi Channel operation Not Available
Load indication and Control Manual
Saving of records Not Available
Pen drive slot Not Applicable
Real time graph Not Applicable
Printer interface (Direct connectivity to printer w/o computer) Not Applicable
Computer operation software and data Acquisition software Not Applicable
Displacement controlled operation Not Available
Modulus of Elasticity Calculation Not Available
Flexural attachment Possible, all calculations will be made manually
Splitting Tensile Test Possible but manual calculation required
LAN Connectivity Not Available
Auto internal Calibration without proving ring Not Available
Piston over travel safety cut off Not Available
Over load safety cut off Available
Shot circuit protection Available
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