Model No: CT-SCC-001

U BOX is one of the apparatus of the SCC (Self Consolidating Concrete) test accessories. These tests are used to determine the flowability and passing ability of Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) as defined in ASTM C1621. Passing ability refers to the ability of SCC, under its own weight (without vibration), to flow into and completely fill the spaces within an intricate framework, containing obstacles such as reinforcement bars.

Applications :

The U Shape Box is used to determine the confined flowablity and the capacity of SCC concrete to flow within confined space.

Construction Details :

The apparatus consists of a vessel that is divided by a middle wall into two compartments; an opening with a sliding gate is fitted between the two sections. Reinforcing bar with nominal diameter of 12mm are installed at the gate with centre to centre spacing of 50 mm. This creates a clear spacing of 35 mm between bars. The left hand section is filled with about 20 liter of concrete and then the gate is lifted. As soon as the gate is lifted, the concrete flows upwards into the other section. The height of the concrete in both sections is then measured. In this test, the degree of compatibility can be indicated by the height that the concrete reaches after flowing through an obstacle. The quality of the concrete can be judged by the height reached.

Essential Accessories at extra cost as per following :

1) Scoop

2) Ruler

3) Stopwatch

4) Trowel

Overall Dimensions 620 X 230 X 740(L X W X D) mm
Weight (Approx.) 23 kg

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