Model No: GT-107DPC

As per IS:2720 (Part 39) / IS 11593. Complete with Load Frame, set of weights and Electronic outfit for load and displacement, with calibration certificate. The Instrument can be connected to PC through RS 232 interface and results can be on line transferred to PC and can be analysed through software provided. Supplied without Computer. Suitable for operation on 415 volts, 50 Hz, 3 phase, A.C. Supply Further details as per the following pages

Compliance Standards

ASTM D5321


This test method covers a procedure for determining the shear resistance of a Geosynthetic against soil, or a Geosynthetic against another Geosynthetic, under a constant rate of deformation.

Salient Features

  1. Floor mounted and self contained system
  2. No hanging weights, no hydraulic/pneumatic power packs are required
  3. Easy to use simple and accurate Electro mechanical design
  4. Automates loading procedure, display and presentation
  5. Tactfully Designed Computerized model with combination of Stepper & Servo Motor controlled operation
  6. Aesthetic outer appearance
  7. Powder coated exterior body
  8. Hard Chrome Plated essential internal components
  9. Shear box made from Complete Stainless Steel Material, Linear bearing for minimum horizontal friction.
  10. Can apply horizontal shear and vertical load capacities upto 50 kN (5000 kgs)
  11. Tests Large Soil, Geosynthetic or Soil/Geosynthetic samples unto 12 inches (305 mm) square
  12. Rugged design to withstand harsh laboratory environment
  13. Built in electronics, Touch screen HMI & PLC Controller to control, test and display data in real time
  14. Highly sensitive LVDT and Programmable Logic Controller based digital read out unit
  15. Facility to select measurement units i.e. KN, KG, N
  16. Electro mechanical Loading system for application of vertical load (Shear Load)
  17. Heavy duty angle structure with guide roads and drive screws controls the vertical movement for vertical application of loads
  18. Precise and accurate control through electronic system coupled with dedicated PC Software
  19. Facility to start / stop the entire experimental process from software itself
  20. User can precisely control and vary the strain rate (Motor Speed) from the software itself
  21. Easy handling of readings and Graphs data
  22. User friendly software guide
  23. Suitable for operation on 415 volts, 50Hz, 3 phase, A.C. Supply.

Supplied complete with following hardware

  1. Shear Box assembly for square specimen size 30 x 30 x 15 cm - 01 Nos
  2. Shear Box housing, large, complete with two ball roller strips, 01 Nos
  3. Plain gripper plates - 02 Nos
  4. Perforated Gripper Plates - 02 Nos
  5. Perforated Spacer Plates - 02 Nos
  6. Base Plate - 01 Nos
  7. Loading Pad - 01 Nos

In addition to other components like Shear box assembly, Gripper assembly, Porous stones, Plain grid plates, Perforated grid plates, Loading pads, Specimen cutter, Vertical electro mechanical load applicator assembly, shear box housing, loading unit as per the conventional instrument, the Electronic Digital Direct Shear Machine is fitted with following additional electronics components.

Supplied complete with following electronic components

  1. Load cell 50 KN capacity (Tension/Compression) for horizontal & vertical load measurement  - 02 Nos.
  2. Displacement transducers ± 100 mm   - 02 Nos. - (One for consolidation measurement and other for strain measurement)
  3. A four channel touch screen HMI & PLC Controller, which can be connected to the displacement transducers and load cells for measuring consolidation, horizontal strain and shear load & normal load respectively in direct engineering unit. - 01 No.

 Supplied with software as per below listed features:

  1. On-Line Data Acquisition Software
  2. On-Line Data Transmission from Signal Conditioning Unit to Computer
  3. Off-Line Data Analysis Software that does all the Calculations of Direct Shear Test
  4. Has option for manual as well as automatic recording of data
  5. Calculates Area, Volume, Bulk density, Dry density, Moisture content etc. of the specimen
  6. Easy to set up and conduct the test
  7. Company logo and address on welcome screen
  8. Password protected login screen
  9. Software automatically detects the available Communication Ports (com-ports) to establish RS-232 connection
  10. Facility to identify and display true/false com-port connection by green or red lamp indication within the software, Eliminating human error
  11. User can enter new party name and address details to save all test specific information for later work.
  12. Previously stored party name and address details can also be loaded by browsing directory of stored data.
  13. An operator can feed in various input information about the test sample. 

  • Test no.
  • Test Material
  • Sample type
  • Test Speed
  • Date & Time
  • Density of test sample
  • Sample weight,
  • Moisture content
  • Location of test sample
  • Area correction option
  • No of tests

  1. Facility to start or stop the complete instrument from software itself
  2. User can control and vary the Motor Speed from the software itself
  3. Self test diagnostic features
  4. Facility to select the area correction option  : Yes or No
  5. Facility to select the type of sample           : Drain or Undrain
  6. Real time graph building during the specific test
  7. Can store the data of previous test for future use

Plots following various graphs on software screen:

  1. Horizontal Displacement vs Shear Force
  2. Horizontal Displacement vs Vertical Displacement
  3. Normal stress vs Shear Force
  4. Display maximum value of the Dilation Angle along with C & ø Values
  5. Four different graph windows on a single screen for a specific test sample (Four different readings for each test - so each reading can be compared in real time and the last graph displays the overlap of three different readings for easy comparison)
  6. Tabulated test data, graphs and all test-specific calculations are provided in real time, allowing the operator to monitor tests in process
  7. Automatic calculation of Friction Angle & Cohesion Intercept for Peak & residual values
  8. Can export logged readings easily to Excel or PDF file
  9. Facility to represent results in 2 different units
  10. Facility for selection of measuring units
Capacity 50 KN
Shear box size 300 x 300 x 150 mm
Load accuracy ± 0.5% of Full Scale
Displacement range 0-100 mm
Speed range [rpm] 0.0001 mm to 10 mm per minute
Power Supply 415 volts, 50 hz, three phase, ac supply
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