Model No: EIE-PTLT-109AA2

Used for determination of kinematic and intrinsic viscosity of Petroleum products, Bitumen, emulsion and allied materials at constant temperatures in Accordance with ASTM D 445/IS:1206 and other equivalent methods Double walled, outer chamber made of CRC powder coated with toughened Glass window panel, inner chamber made of S.S, FHP motorized stirrer for uniform Temperature, Dual Display Microprocessor Based Digital Temp. Controller with PT–100 sensor.Temperature range from 5° C above ambient to 135° C. Resolution and Control Accuracy ± 0.1°C(at 40°C). Complete with Low wattage lighting Attachment, Universal Viscometer Holder, Viscometer Tray. Built in Digital Stop watch and Calibration certificate with traceability. Working on 230 V single phase. The Viscosity bath can be supplied Digital temp.controller having resolution of 0.01°C at extra cost. Glass U Tube Viscometer with certificate of constant and Glass Thermometers are also available at extra cost

Compliance with Following International Standards :

IP 71, ASTM D445, ASTM D446

Purpose :

Used to determine the viscosity of oils and fuel, above room temperature up to a maximum of 135 °C. Generally used @ 40°C , 60 degree C, 135 degree C.,but can also be used at any other temperature between measuring range. Can also be used for other application where full visibility of sample and constant temp. is important for the test.

Construction :

  1. Compact and self contained unit
  2. Rectangular shape
  3. Double walled unit with Glass wool insulation
  4. Inner Chamber is made of stainless steel (SS - 304)
  5. Outer body made of G.I. Powder Coated
  6. With toughened glass window panel / Heat resistant
  7. Observation Window on both sides (Front & Rear)
  8. Inner chamber is equipped with slow speed motorized stirrer
  9. Accommodates 2 (TWO) Viscometers
  10. Work space illuminated brilliantly without glare
  11. Temp is controlled by Digital Microprocessor based PID Controller with certificate of calibration
  12. All electrical controls are mounted on a drawer chassis in the side part of the case of the bath.
  13. DIGITAL STOP WATCH is mounted on the control panel to precisely observe the elapsed time for fulid passing from viscometer lower mark to upper mark or vice versa
  14. Designed for easy cleaning and simple maintenance
  15. Built-in boost for initial fast heating
  16. Glass U Tube Viscometers of various size and shapes available. These are to be procured at extra cost.
  17. Digital temperature controller with resolution of 0.01 °C is also available. Price on request.

Optional Accessories At Extra Cost :

  1. Temperature calibration certificate as per ISO/IEC : 17025 (NABL)
  2. Display resolution 0.01°C with Eurotherm Make Controller
  3. Thermometer glass ‑ IP/ASTM
  4. Glass U Tube Viscometer to be purchased at extra cost
  5. viscometer rack for safe keeping of U Tube Viscometer - can accommodate 6 tubes on a bench top
  6. Vacuum pump for absolute viscosity at extra cost.
Temperature Range Ambient + 5 °C to 135 °C
Temperature Accuracy @ 40 °C ± 0.1 °C
Temperature Display LED Digital display
Temperature controller Microprocessor based DIGITAL PID Controller
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Power Supply 230 Volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply
Temperature sensor PT-100 Sensor
Heater Rating 1500 watts
Sample Holder 65mm dia size
Working Chamber Size 180 L x 110W x 350 D (mm)
Chamber volume 12 Liters
Overall Dimensions 645 L X 285 B X 610 H (mm)
Weight (Approx.) 26.500 KG

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