Model No: EIE-112S6


Construction details:

EIE ‑ Fume Cupboard is of constant supply air hood with auxiliary bye‑pass provision. Three sides of the hood are permanently closed and the front side provided with sliding door with 5 mm clear toughened glass/ Polycarbonate sheet panel in metal frame. Further, it is provided with a specially designed under‑bench storage shelf, which acts as a support‑stand for the hood as well as provides a large space for keeping reagent bottles, small instruments etc. Each under‑bench module is provided with top drawer and a horizontal partition and lockable doors.

Material of construction:

The complete cabinet is made out of Stainless steel S.S. 304 Grade material in exteriors by and inner work area is covered with 3 mm FRP‑GP lining for up to 900 mm height from the worktable

Front door (Sliding sash):

The Front door is made of 5 mm thick Polycarbonate sheet or toughened glass, connected to suitably balanced counter weight through wire rope for smooth up & down movement.

Inner chamber (Working area):

Inside the working chamber, there will be a sturdy baffle provided at about 300mm above the work‑table to uniformly direct the fumes / odor / smoke directly in to the hood's exhaust system. Suction will be done at three different levels suitable for mild to heavy fumes.

Working surface:

The work table is made of Jet Black Granite or single molding 6 mm thick FRP with heavy underneath support.


Made of FRP / PP with two way swan neck water tap

External finish:

Smooth and polished finish with S.S. Construction


Combination of D.A. Grey & white with Red border on External S.S. Body for aesthetic look

Chemical Storage base Cabinet:

Chemical storage base cabinet acting as a support stand for fume hood with doors & locking arrangements

Centrifugal blower & ducting:

Fume chamber will be provided with a powerful centrifugal blower, mounted on top of the Hood, suitably designed to create necessary suction pressure so as to force the fumes from the hood to exhaust out in to the atmosphere through the duct. The blower and casing will be made of mild steel with polyurethane paint coated / FRP finish.

Exhaust Blower:

Exhaust blowers for fume hood is designed based on the front opening area. The blower for the hood will be of 1500 CFM displacing capacity at a minimum of 65mm WC static and driven by 1.5 HP, 1440 RPM, 3‑ phase (three) motor of any reputed make such as LHP / CROMPTON / KIRLOSKAR. The blower is of DYNAMICALLY BALANCED & made of MS with CRCA sheet metal casing with complete inside FRP lining.

Duct & whether cowl:

The complete motor & blower unit will be mounted directly on the top of the Hood or shall be installed on dedicated platform /foundation laid outside the lab and should be connected through the 200 mm diameter exhaust duct made of rigid PVC pipe ‑ up to a length of 10 Feet with suitable whether cowl. Suitable DOL starter with overload relay will be provided for the operation of the motor.

Other facilities included within the unit:

  • Illumination ‑ 4 Feet, 40 watts Fluorescent tubes
  • 2 Nos. of 5/15A power sockets
  • Two inlet nozzles for gas / vacuum supply
  • Heavy duty floor leveling screws (Floor leveling jacks)
  • Heavy duty floor leveling screws (Floor leveling jacks)
Working size 1800 mm x 900 mm x 900 mm (6 x 3 x 3 Feet ) (W x D x H)
Overall size 1900 mm x 950 mm x 2400 mm (L x D x H)
Front door slide 900 mm height from the bed /work table
Worktable height 900 mm from the floor level
Air Balancing 100% Exhaust with air bye‑pass entry
Noise Level 70 dB "A" Scale if blower mounted outside the lab
Suction Velocity 80 to 100 FPM when the door half‑closed
Power Supply Three Phase, 430 V, 50 Hz

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