Carbon Black Content Test Apparatus

Compliance Standards : ASTM D1603, ASTM D297, IS 4984, IS 2530, ISO 6964

As per ASTM D 1603, ASTM D297, IS 4984, IS 2530, ISO 6964. Supplied complete with all standard accessories as mentioned under Description of Item as below.

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More Information

Compliance with following International Standards:
ASTM D 1603, ASTM D297, IS 4984, IS 2530, ISO 6964

Carbon Black is one of the most important filler in plastics materials. It not only acts as pigment but also as an UV absorber. However, the level of addition of this filler influences the plastics behavior a lot and hence, requires to be well controlled. This is major reason of determining the percentage of it in given polymer mass.

This test method is used to determine the average carbon black content in materials like plastic pipes, films, sheets, cables, water tanks. The test is often used as a quality control measurement for black polyolefin. This is particularly more effective in polyolefin and polyethylene.

Salient features:
  • Heavy & thick heat insulation providing to eliminate radiation of heat
  • Attractive powder coated body.
  • Using microprocessor based temperature controller
  • Providing m/c leveling arrangement for flow level of gas.
  • All glassware accessories are of "BOROSIL" make.
  • Nitrogen gas cylinder has to be arranged by the operator. (It will not be supplied with the instrument)
Brief Construction Details:
  • EIE Carbon Black Content Apparatus consists of a tubular furnace fabricated using mild steel.
  • Exterior body is powder coated in attractive shades.
  • The temperature of the furnace can be adjusted from ambient to 950° C working temperature.
  • Relatively low operating wattage of the heater ensures that the furnace life span is much better.
  • The heaters are made from best quality alloys to avoid premature fusions.
  • The temperature is controlled by Programmable (8 or 16 channels) Digital PID Temperature Indicator cum Controller with built in rate-of-rise device function to practically avoid any over-shoots and under-shoots & to offer better  temperature stability.
  • The EIE Carbon Black Content Apparatus is equipped with a nitrogen flow meter (Rotameter) and a full set of glass parts.
  • Rotameter is adjusted such that it will provide the nitrogen flow rate of 1.7 ± 0.3 Liters/Min only as per the test requirements.
  • Complete instrument will be supplied with wooden supporting back rack with clamp attachment to hold  the glass parts firmly during the experiment.
  • The glassware are of standard BOROSIL make.
Standard Accessories inclusive with main unit

1) Quartz tube/boat
2) 'U' tube with stand
3) Gas flow meter (Rota meter)
4) Rubber cork
5) Spirit level
6) Leveling bolt
7) Desiccator
8) Two pyrolisite collecting wash bottle with trap and stand with fitting for above items
9) Boat puller/pusher
10) Tongs
11) Gloves
12) A heat resistant boat Lander
13) Spanner to tight the clamps
14) Back supporting UPVC/Wooden rack

Technical specification

Power Supply

230 Volt, 50 Hz, single phase, AC supply

Heater capacity

2.0 KW

Heating Range

50°C to 1000°C

Heating control

Through Programmable microprocessor based PID controller having facility of overshoot control


± 5.0°C

Pyrolising Chamber

Heat resistant quartz glass tubular


De-oxygenating unit and de-humidifying unit

Gas Flow Control

Through a single stage regulator and with flow meter

Sample Holder

Quartz Glass Boat of 12mm diameter and 125mm long

Post Treatment

Double Dissolution Unit

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