Model No: TM-131

The permeameter mould will confirm the IS 11209‑1985 "Specification for mould assembly for determination of permeability of soils". The assembly will consists of mould drainage base, drainage cap, metal ring &extension collar, which will be made of brass/gun metal. The other accessories like tie rod and fly‑nut will be made from nickel or chrome plated mild steel. It will have capacity of 1000 ml. with an internal diameter of 100+/‑ 0.1 mm and an internal effective height of 127.3 +/‑ 0.1 mm The mould will be supplied with detachable base plate and a removable extension collar approximately 60 mm high made of the same metal that of permeameter mould, the internal surfaces of the permeameter mould & collar will be perfectly smooth. The permeameter mould set will comprise a drainage base with a porous disc 12 mm. thick having a fitting for connection of water inlet or outlet. The dummy plate 12 mm. thick and 108 mm in diameter for seating of porous stone will also be provided. The dummy plate will also be made of same metal as of the mould. The set will also comprise a drainage cap with a porous disc. 12 mm. thick having a fitting for connection to water inlet and outlet. The drainage base and cap will have fitting arrangement for clamping the permeameter mould. They will be provided with leak proof seals of suitable "O" rings/ gasket. The set will be supplied with 2 Nos. of suitable porous stone and appropriate rubber tubing for connecting the mould assembly with stand pipes.
Overall Dimensions 220 X 200 X 260(L X W X D) mm
Weight (Approx.) 13 kg
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