Model No: EIE-PT-115DPS500

Servo controlled tensile testing machine with 7" touch screen and variable speed from 0.01 mm / min to 500 mm / min. Supplied with dedicated software to run the machine and calibration certificate.

Compliance Standards:

ASTM D882, ASTM D828, ASTM D1938, ASTM D1876, ASTM D638, ASTM F88, ASTM F904, ASTM D2256, ASTM D5034, ASTM D412, ISO 1924, TAPPI T494,

Grips Applications:

GRIPS can be supplied for one of the following applications. Please specify your application at the time of order. Another pair of grips will be supplied at extra cost. Please refer to the optional accessories.


  • Flexible laminated and formed pouches Or
  • Paper and Paper Kraft Or
  • Yarn/Fabric/Rubber Or
  • Plastic and Polymer testing Or
  • Fine wire testing Or
  • G.I. Wire testing, Brass, Copper, Aluminum fine wire testing Or
  • Vulcanized rubber/Elastomer


Computerized Tensile Strength testing machine having capacity of 0‑500 Kgf (5 KN) (5000 N). Supplied complete with dedicated PC software program. Equipped with Ball screw, Servo motor & Motor Drive (for speed variation 0.01mm‑ 500mm/min) along with encoder to measure the elongation using Pair of Grips.

Salient Features:

  • Floor standing model
  • Aesthetic outer appearance
  • Unique and compact design features
  • Fitted with Highly précised combination of PLC & HMI System, Servo Motor and Drive System
  • Computer interfacing through RS‑232 USB cable
  • Equipped with Ball screw for friction less traverse
  • Rotary encoder to obtain high accuracy in elongation measurement
  • SERVO MOTOR & DRIVE for various combination of speed variation as per following
  • High Torque at very Low Speed
  • High Torque at High Speed
  • Calibration of entire Machine at Very Low Speed
  • Easy to use display unit and software
  • On screen display of Maximum Load, Breaking Load, Yield Load, Elongation, and speed variations
  • On screen Display of load v/s elongation (stress v/s strain) graph also get a excel sheet with a single click
  • Supplied complete with PLC main unit, 7” colour touch HMI, Single Channel Load cell measurement module, PLC to HMI Communication cable and Dedicated SERVO Gear Box.


  1. Overload protection for load cell
  2. Over travel of traversing crosshead in both direction
  3. Automatic stopping and return of cross head at original position immediately on breakage/Failure of specimen
  4. Higher traverse speed
  5. Emergency Manual switch for stopping the machine

Software facility:

  • Specially designed Windows based Graphical Dedicated Software
  • RS 232 interface with WINDOW based software to conduct the test directly from software itself
  • Can store generated data with corresponding graph
  • Can also store Yield Load, Yield Extension, Break Load, Break Extension, Max load and Modulus of Elasticity
  • User can export the generated data in various file formats such as i.e. Excel, PDF etc
  • Large Storage capacity (More than 50,000 tests) Depending upon Hard Disk capacity.
  • User can change the design of generated graphs i.e. Line, Doted line, etc facility in graph
  • Graph Grids color combination facility
  • Graph zooming facility
  • Individual graph comparison facility
  • Graph overlapping facility for analysis of material property
  • Auto scaling facility
  • Company logo insertion facility 
  • Software can run various tests and can recall data for any test conducted the in history. (If Saved)
  • Software is Menu Driven for easy navigation.
  • Test reports and graphs directly printed on terminal printer through direct print commands
  • Data and Result Units Selectable
  • User can operate the machine directly from the software itself 


  1. Please specify the test application at the time of order for preparation of the Test Jaws (Grips) accordingly.
  2. Only one set of Test jaws will be supplied along with machine. If you need other test jaws, for different applications, then it will cost extra @ Rs 10000/set
  3. User can also utilize this machine for other than here listed ASTM Standards & test applications complying with suggested speed range and load capacity. Please call us for any clarifications.
Exterior Body Paint Powder coated
Display 7" touch screen controller
Capacity 0 - 500 Kgf (0-5000 N)
Load cell ‘S Type’ load-cell of reputed make
Vertical Clearance 1100 mm
Results displayed on screen Load, Elongation values, Testing speed and type of test
Least count for elongation 0.01 mm
Least count for load 0.01 kg or 0.01 N
Load units Kg, Newton & KN as per selection
Speed Variations From 0.01mm/min to 500 mm/min
Speed control Through Dedicated Servo Driver
Motor for speed variations Reputed make induction motor with dedicated gear box
Test jaws Manual Wedge grips (Pneumatic grips - see optional accessories)
No. of screws Single screw mechanism driven through motor & gearbox
Power Supply 230 Volt, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply

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