LOAD TRUSS - 300 KN (30,000 KGF)

LOAD TRUSS - 300 KN 30 000 KGF
Model No: None

As per IS:1888.

Load truss designed for higher reaction loading of 300 KN and is of fabricated construction in two halves which can be easily assembled together at site. It Consists :

(A) Two part loading truss : Overall Length not less than 5.5 m

(B) Joints : 2 Nos.

(C) 1 m long anchor spikes : 144 nos.

(D) Semi- Cylindrical anchors : 12 Nos.

(E) Anchor strap bolts with nuts : 24 Nos.

(F) Anchor straps : 12 Nos.

(G) Guy wires with turn buckles : 6 Nos.

(H) Top flange spice plate with eight bolts : 1 Nos.

(I) Plate Joining bolts with nuts : 8 Nos.

(J) Sledge hammer : 1 Nos.

(K) Spanners (for nuts and bolts) : 2 Nos.

(L) Bolts with nuts for bottom splice : 6 Nos.

(M) Set of Tools.

(N) Sledge Hammer. 

NB :

All civil and Mechanical arrangement for the demonstration of the test will be arranged by the department. We will provide Guidance and training only. All required accessories, tools and tackles required for the practical will also be arranged by the user. 

Demonstration of Plate bearing load test requires good amount of skilled labors. In the event of an order, the skilled labor will be provided to us by the department who will erect the set up of plate load test as per our direction.

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