Model No: TM-041SD


Salient features :

  1. Alphanumeric 4 - line display indicating Load, displacement, status, peak value of flow and Load.
  2. Digital display to measure the load up to 5000Kg/50 KN, Least Count 0.1 kg/0.001KN
  3. Displacement resolution : 0.01mm
  4. Load and displacement both at the single screen. No need for the flow meter and Proving ring.
  5. Only one person needed for test
  6. Hassle free operation, no need of TARE.
  7. Load cell can also be calibrated using standard reference
  8. Panel cut out size 92 x 188 mm.
  9. Facility to read in Kg as well as KN
  10. Peak hold facility to read load and flow value until reset
  11. Auto cutoff at the pre decided load.
  12. With safety cut off on lower and upper limit
  13. Auto internal calibration facility. (external calibration has to be done after a year)
  14. Backlight in the indicator to observe the reading clearly even in the dark.
  15. Auto reverse on completion of test
  16. Fully powder coated in 2 tone color for aesthetic finish
  17. With PC/printer interface with software for direct printout of calculated results (at extra cost)


With following accessories :

  1. Marshal Mould, cylindrical 4" diameter  : 03 Nos.
  2. Base plate : 03 Nos.
  3. Collars 4.1/8" diameter : 03 Nos.
  4. Marshal Compaction hammer, 4.5kg weight and 45.7cm drop : 02 Nos.
  5. Specimen extractor plate - 4" dia : 01 No. (Frame type sample extractor available at extra cost)
  6. Compaction pedestal with specimen holder : 01 No.
  7. Breaking head assembly, complete with gauge disc and flow meter pedestal : 01 No.
  8. Load transfer bar : 01 No.
  9. 50 KN Capacity Loading Unit motorized with uniform vertical movement of 5.08cm/min.
  10.  Suitable for operation on 230 volts AC , supply


Optional at extra cost :

1. RS 232 interface with software with following features @ Rs. 30,000.00

  1. Direct analytical reports on computer
  2. Auto generation of load/time graph.
  3. Auto calculation of average of 3 readings for flow and load
  4. Two way communication facility - Can operate the machine through PC
  5. Name of Issuing Lab and customer name can be inserted
  6. Auto date and time of testing
  7. Transfer of result to PC automatically

Essential Instruments Available at extra cost

  1. Filter Paper - Pack of 100 circles
  2. Electronic Weighing Balance
  3. Automatic Marshal Mould compactor with Digital Counter
  4. Constant Temperature Waterbath with Digital Temp. display
  5. Sample extractor - Hydraulic or Mechanical


Use of 1 KVA single phase servo controlled stabilizer is essential to protect the machine against voltage fluctuations. Warranty voids in case of any damage due to power fluctuation.

Data and design subject to change due to continuous R&D

  1. Animated Video CD with Commentary on the Working of the Instrument can be Provided at Extra Cost of Rs. 3000.00
  2. The Video CD Covering Demonstration of 15 Different Instrument on Bitumen & Aggregate Testing can be Provided at Discounted rate of Rs. 30000.00

Click here for working video :

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