Model No: GT-111TIG5/30

Equipped with Twin (Dual) Load cells, Auto Load rate/Strain rate control using AC Drive, Easy load cell selection switch, Speed Variation from 10 mm/min to 350 mm/min, Extension indication with least count of 0.01 mm, PC Software with RS-232 Interface facility Supplied complete with Instruction manual, Test report and calibration certificate. Fixtures and Test Grips for various Tests available at extra cost.

Compliance with following International Standards:

ASTM D4533, ASTM D4595, ASTM D4632, ASTM D4833, ASTM D6241, ISO 12236, ISO 10319, IS 14293


  1. Geo-synthetic material including Geo-textile, Composite Geo-textile, Geo-grid, Geo-membrane, Geo-Net etc. Which are used in traffic, water conservancy, tunnel, building construction and other industries.
  2. Suitable to conduct Grab, Static Puncture (CBR Puncture), Index puncture, Trapezoid Tear and wide width tensile tests confirming to procedure laid down in above listed ASTM Standards

Can be Supplied with the following fixtures / Jaws / Test Grip:

  1. ASTM D4632                    - Mechanical Grab test fixture (See Optional Accessories)
  2. ASTM D6241, ISO : 12236  - Mechanical CBR Puncture Test fixture (Using 50mm probe) (See Optional Accessories)
  3. ASTM D4533, IS 14293     - Mechanical Trapezoid tear test (See Optional Accessories)
  4. ASTM D4595, ISO 10319   - Mechanical Wide width tensile test fixture (See Optional Accessories)

Salient Features:

  1. Floor standing model
  2. Uniquely designed Induction Motor controlled operation
  3. Aesthetic exterior appearance
  4. Strong and durable load frame
  5. Simple and easy to understand operation
  6. Equipped with Twin (Dual) Load cells
  7. Can be equipped with wide variety of grips for different test samples as per above listed ASTM Standards
  8. Equipped with AC Induction Motor, Variable AC Frequency drive and Microprocessor based Controller
  9. Auto Load rate/Strain rate control using AC Drive
  10.  Easy load cell selection switch
  11. Permanently mounted calibrated load cells
  12. Overload & extension protection parameter for mechanical safety by help of limit switches
  13. Also fitted with Emergency stop button to stop the test in between
  14. Automatic electronic controllable movement of Cross-head travels (START-STOP-UP-DOWN) 
  15. Auto-stop / Return of cross heads to home position as and when sample breaks
  16. Speed Variation by dedicated Servo Drive from 10 mm/min to 350 mm/min
  17. Extension indication with least count of 0.01 mm through Proximity switch
  18. Dedicated PC Software with RS-232 Interface facility
  19. Facility to export the generated data to excel files for further analysis
  20. Also, Supplied complete with Instruction manual, Test report and calibration certificate

Specifications of Dedicated Software:

  1. RS 232 interface with WINDOWS based software to conduct test and keep record of generated data with Graphical Representation
  2. Also, keep record of generated results i.e. Yield Load, Yield Extension, Break Load, Break Extension, and Modulus of Elasticity
  3. Line, Doted line, etc facility in graph
  4. Graph Grids color combination facility
  5. Graph zooming facility
  6. Individual graph comparison facility
  7. Graph overlapping facility for analysis of material property
  8. Auto scaling facility
  9. Company logo insertion facility 
  10. Software can run various tests and can recall data for any test done in history. (If Saved)
  11. Software is Menu Driven for easy navigation through tests.
  12. Test reports and graphs directly printed on terminal printer through direct print commands after the test is completed.
  13. Data and Result Units Selectable
  14. User can operate the machine directly from the software itself
  15. User can export the generated data in various file formats such as i.e. Excel, PDF etc
  16. Large Storage capacity (More than 50,000 tests) Depending upon Hard Disk capacity.

Commissioning of universal testing machine:

Customer has to prepare foundation for the machine as per the drawings supplied by us. Also, all electrical connections to be completed before the machine arrive and shall render assistance of semi/unskilled labor to complete the commissioning part. Unloading the machine and placing the same on the foundation has to be arranged at the customer end. It is essential to use the Machine has to be connected to mains through SERVO Voltage Stabilizer to protect against Voltage fluctuations.

Motor type Induction Motor
Motor rating 3-5 HP Motor
Motor Speed Control Through dedicated AC Frequency Drive
Speed range (rpm) 10- 350 mm/min
Horizontal daylight in mm 450 mm
Vertical daylight in mm 1100 mm
Controller Microprocessor based Controller
No of load cells 02 Nos
Load cell Capacity 5 KN and 30 KN
Least count for load 0.01 KN and 0.1 KN respectively
Encoder For elongation indication, 500 PPR
Least count for elongation 0.01 mm
Load units Newton / Kgf / KN
Results displayed on screen Maximum Load, Maximum Elongation, Selected Load Cell, Breaking Load, %Elongation, Current Load
Paint Powder coating in attractive shades
Power Supply 415 Volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC Supply
PC Interface RS - 232 PC Connectivity and PC Software
Grips ASTM D6241, ASTM D4533, ASTM D4595, ASTM D4632 - Manual Grips

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