Model No: TM-042FA.250.0

Manufactured as per International design, Plate or Pillar model for highest mechanical stability, accurate centering of load and excellent repeatability. Fully Automatic pace rate control, auto stop and auto release on failure of test specimen, can be attached with flexural load frame or 50 KN load frame. Further details as mentioned in Technical Part on following pages.

Compliance With Following International Standards:

EN 12390 4, ASTM C39, AASHTO T22, IS : 14858 (2000)

Automatic Test Execution:

Once the machine has been switched on, the specimen positioned and centered, the only required operations are:

Set test parameters including load rate:

  1. Press the start button
  2. Tighten the pressure valve
  3. The machine automatically: starts the rapid approach; switches to the test speed once the specimen comes into contact with the upper platen; automatically stops the motor upon specimen failure
  4. Save the test including data results .
  5. The test execution conforming to Standards can be easily proved.
  6. Working on 240V, 50 60Hz, single phase.
  7. Dual stage pump assuring fast piston approach and precise test execution
  8. Test execution conforming to EN 12390 4, ASTM C39, AASHTO T22
  9. Controllable pace rate from 0.01 KN/Sec to 10 KN/Sec.
  10. Auto stop after completion of each test.
  11. Soft platen to specimen contact and smooth load rate control from the very beginning of the ramp
  12. Servo motor driven machine


  1. Four column high stiffness welded frame tested for stability.
  2. Heavy duty spherical seat, allowing initial free alignment at the initial contact with the specimen and automatic jamming up to the end of test.
  3. Surface hardness of platen is 55 HRC, flatness tolerance 0.03 mm. Traceable certificate of surface hardness available on request.
  4. Piston travel limit switch (Extra cost)
  5. Emergency stop button
  6. Servo motor driven machine
  7. Gives live online graph on the 7" touch screen
  8. User friendly large graphical display
  9. Displacement controlled machine also available (at extra cost)
  10. Saves 100 results in the 7" touch screen
  11. Inbuilt USB drive to save the data.

Salient features of data manager PC software (Optional at extra cost.):

  1. Two way communication i.e machine operates from computer and from the touch screen controller both (Stat, stop, save data and save graph)
  2. Results directly saved in excel file.
  3. Graph also saved in excel file.
  4. Capable to save customer name, other details of customer, ageing of cube moulds, identification mark of the cube mould, date and time of testing
  5. Capable to print direct report from the computer.
  6. Capable to select different test parameters like pace rate, sample size and area from the computer (software)
  7. Capable to select different type of tests, like flexural, CTM, aggregate crushing etc.


Use of 3 KVA three phase servo controlled stabilizer is essential to protect the machine against voltage fluctuations. Warranty voids in case of any damage due to power fluctuation.

Capacity 250 Kn
Platen size in mm 160 mm Dia
Ram Dia in mm 120 mm
Ram Travel in mm 50 mm
Vertical daylight in mm 230 mm
Horizontal daylight in mm 230 mm
Weight approx in kg 292 Kg
Least count 0.1 KN or better
Load indication and Control 7" Coloured touch screen controller
Accuracy ± 1%
Pace rate controlling accuracy ± 1%
Pumping Motorized
Pump Speed Dual speed
Motor Servo motor
Reading Digital
Release valve operation Not Required
Auto stop after failure of specimen Available, machine stops after completion of test
Auto Release of Pressure after specimen failure Available, pressure release automatic after completion of test
Calculation of result Automatic
Holding of Max.Load Available
Pace Rate or Rate of Loading indication Available
Operator skill to control Pace Rate Not Required
Bar Graph Not Required
Multi Channel operation 3 channel operation possible, flexural and compression frame can be attached
Saving of records infinite records with Pen drive
Pen drive slot Inbuilt pen drive slot. (saves reading in excel format) (Record date-time, Sr no and Peak load and N/mm2)
Real time graph Available, on controller itself
Printer interface (Direct connectivity to printer w/o computer) In built
Computer operation software and data Acquisition software Available at extra cost
Displacement controlled operation Available at extra cost
Modulus of Elasticity Calculation Available at extra cost
Flexural attachment Possible, all calculations will be made automatically
Splitting Tensile Test Possible, all calculations will be made automatically
LAN Connectivity Possible, in built LAN port
Auto internal Calibration without proving ring Available
Piston over travel safety cut off Available at extra cost
Over load safety cut off Available
Shot circuit protection Available

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